Sunday, May 16, 2010

T shirt I designed

I have just bought the Design it Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified book by Cal Patch. I´m very, veryhappy with the book, and I hope she writes a sequel. I´ve tried reading patternmaking books from the library several times, but they have all been too technical or aimed at fashion students designing for other people. This book did make everything very clear, and was really easy to read and understand and its about designing for yourself. I already have several other designs that I want to make (nothing totally original of course - just ideas from things I see in shops etc).
I also found it very helpful to read the book Perfect Fit which helped with finer points like adjusting patterns for a broad back and shoulders, and finding the edge of the shoulderbone etc etc.
When drawing ideas, I found it helpful to trace a line drawing of my shape from pictures of me, and enlarge it. Then its easy to draw ideas for clothes over the line drawing (I have the outline drawing of me under the piece of paper I´m drawing my clothes ideas on), and to see how the clothes I´m thinking of sit on my actual shape. Like how they relate to my width, where my waist is, my shoulders etc.
This is a t shirt from some fabric my friend Anna gave me. The neckline is shirred, and then sewn onto a straight ungathered neckband. Its based on the Charlotte Top in the book, although a bit altered.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you should write up a pattern and sell that! It's very cute.