Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Jalie 2787 nursing top

Here is another Jalie 2787 nursing top. Its hard to lay it out right when I can't bend over (like, the sleeves are actually even - I just didn't lay it out evenly). One more week till baby is born. This top is made from quite thin, very stretchy light lycra again, which is a bit slippery to sew. It came together OK though, but I prefer sewing it with slightly thicker t-shirt material. Also, I took the sides in slightly (0.5 cm either side) because the very stretchy lycra seems to have the effect of making the shirt one half size too big, imho. Really useful pattern. Now if I can find some polypro at Spotlight, I'll make some short or long sleeved versions for hiking in.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waterproof baby car seat covers

Here are a few baby car seat covers for our rented baby car seat. They are just as simple as possible so no thought is required to slip them in and out. I made them from old pillowcase covers, and they have unwanted batting (2-3 layers), fleece, and a layer of our leftover thermal curtain (which I figure might stop a bit of water leaking through). If I wanted to really make them waterproof I would have used a layer of PUL, hemp, and microfibre inside, but I wanted to recycle what I had on hand in the house for free if possible. I'll keep the spares in the car to use if a nappy leaks while we are out and about.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jalie 2787 nursing top

I made another Jalie 2787 maternity/nursing top, this time with long sleeves. I added 2 cm to the top of the lower bodice, which makes me less nervous about my tummy showing (as otherwise the clearance between the nursing panels and the lower bodice was a bit too close for my liking). I used the elastic length recommended in the pattern and that was better this time. T-shirt material is nicer to sew with than this light lycra, although both worked OK for the pattern. I'm a size 12 and I made a Y size, which fitted fine., even having quite a bit of give. I probably could have done a smaller X size instead - I'm not sure whether the give in the Y size will be too much once the baby is born. I can always take it in though.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jalie 2787 nursing t-shirt

This is my first go at the Jalie 2787 nursing shirt. I had to order the pattern from Australia. I cut the sleeves short so that they are just normal adult t-shirt sleeves. It came together really well and was easy to sew and make. I used feather stitch along the bodice edges, and should have also done so for the bottom hem. I'm really happy with it. I'm going to make a couple with long sleeves now.

Butterick 4549 View C muslin

I tried Butterick 4549 View C this time. I did a size 14 this time. The test fabric was red, but the camera couldn't capture it so I greyscaled the photo. I've realised that View C it is just a sleeved top without sleeves, whereas I think I true sleeveless top needs to be slightly more shaped. The neckline again seemed very high or close, and there seemed alot of fabric over the shoulders. For the final version I'll (1) take 1 cm off the outside top of the armseye (at the shoulder) and adjust the armhole curve accordingly; (2) take a 1-2 cm off the inside neckline where it meets the shoulder and adjust the curve along the back and bust accordingly. I also think that in adjusting the curve I might make the final curve resemble the curve line in the Amy Bulter Cabo halter a bit more. I pinned the sides up, but didn't sew them as I won't go any further with this muslin and the invisible zip cost would more than the $1/m fabric.I tried putting a collar on a bit like version D to see if a collar made a difference, but it didn't.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Butterick 4549 View A muslin

Not a success, this one. I did a test muslin version of View A of Butterick 4549 (B4549), with a $1 fabric. For this muslin, I've stoped before sewing the sides up (as the invisible zips cost more than the fabric). I can already see that I won't go any further with this View.

This pattern seems to run true to size. Unfortunately, I made it one size too small as every other pattern I've made lately seemed to turn out so enormously bigger than the size would warrant. So next time I'll make it a size bigger.

The neck line is really, really high. On a very small size, this probably wouldn't matter, but on a size 12 it ends up making the bodice seem too covered in material. A bit like a nun's habit? I would cut an inch off the neckline, not just at the front, but all the way around. I also used quite stiff interfacing on the collar, which made it sit stiff like a uniform, so next time I would either use no interfacing or a really, light one. I also found that on this view, the sleeves (which are just basted or pinned on at the moment) somehow made it look stiff and formal, rather than like a casual top, although they might have seemed better if the neckline wasn't so high.

Finally, I added 1-2 inches onto the lower bodice, which I do for pretty much all patterns I make. I would definitely do that again, as it would have looked very, very short without it.

I'll try View C, or D next. Hopefully they will turn out better.