Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Blouse - zipped nursing version

Here is my first go at the summer blouse in Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book. I just used a sheet for this go. This is a version for nursing, with the front opening with an invisible zip.

I split the front in two down the middle, so there is a seam going down to the hemline. I cut the placket to suit the zip length, rather than using the placket pattern in the book. I used this tutorial for putting in the invisible zip.

Sizewise, its a small (I'm a NZ 12-14, and would normally be a medium), and although I took it in on the sides (and lowered the neckline, of course) like everyone else when cutting the pattern, I can actually put it on even though I'm eight months pregnant. So, lots of taking in and darts to do after the baby is born.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jansdotter Baby Snuggler

Here is my first go at the Lotta Jansdotter Baby Snuggler from her book Simple Sewing for Baby. Although I'll be ordering the book (its not distributed here in NZ as far as I can ascertain), it can take 7-8 weeks for books to arrive in New Zealand from Amazon in the USA, and my baby is due in 7 weeks. So I just did the pattern from the podcast. I enlarged it until the snuggler measured about 48 cm from top to bottom, as my first son was 55 cm (head to toe, stretched right out) when born. So this is a newborn size snuggler. Although there were no instructions on the podcast that I could find, and I couldn't figure out which issue number the magazine was (to even start trying to find it to buy it), I had no problems sewing it together. Although, note for next time, I think the two velcros labelled "left outside flap (prickly side)," could do with being moved an inch towards the outside edge of the flap. It felt like in their current position, it was in the smallest setting, and I'd have preferred to allow a tiny bit of room for growth without the velcro showing out the edge as bub gets bigger.

A Church near Porangahau, North Island, New Zealand

Monday, May 18, 2009

Simplicity 3750 top

Here is a test size 12 version of the Simplicity 3750 top. (Version E) I made it as a "muslin" but I like the fabric, so I would wear it as is. I made it as per the pattern, but added a cm to the length of the bust. The neckline is straight, its just me standing wonky (I can't be bothered taking another photo). Again, I had only expected to be able to pull it over the bodice, but I was suprisingly able to pull (albeit tightly) the lower bit over my 7 1/2 month pregnant tummy. Not that I would wear it tight like this for now. So I'll leave off hemming it until I'm wearing normal clothes again after the birth, as I may end up having to take in the sides. It took quite a while to make, but there was nothing too hard in it. I usually skip through instructions and sew whichever way I prefer, but with this pattern I had to actually read the instructions carefully and plod through all the steps. The instructions were really good.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another child's apron

Here is another child's apron, this one with ruffles along the edges, which I made this morning for a 2 year old's birthday today, along with an eco-friendly bag to wrap it in.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fleece hat for 3 year old

With winter coming, I made a fleece hat from this pattern for my 3 year old. That's almost the end of the old fleece bedcover now. It was great to be able to make something that fits him exactly, rather than getting a one-size fits all child's hat, which never really fits right. It was really easy to make, and the pom pom on top is not separate but is just the fleece at the top cut into strips. Couldn't be easier. I'd also like to make this pattern one day soon.

Amy Butler Lounge Pants

I had a go at the Amy Butler Lounge pants from the In Stitches book. They were easy to make. I loved the versions everyone else made on flickr, but I'm not so sure these pants suit me (and not just because I'm 7 mths pregnant). I feel a bit like I'm wearing clown pants, and they don't feel very flattering. I am glad I didn't buy expensive fabric for this test version - it is just a secondhand sheet. I also should have tried them on before sewing the waistband, as the rise feels a little bit too short, and I could have compensated for that at the time. I just turned the waistband over the usual amount one does, rather than following the pattern exactly at that point, so the fault there is of course mine rather than the pattern's. I'll unpick the waistband and add one made of extra material to add length to the rise once the baby is born. Nevertheless, I think I prefer the Heather Ross Pajamas for Everyone pants pattern (which I'll make in the right size next time!).

Wellington Harbour on a stormy day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Weekend Sewing pajama pants

I've made a couple of more pajama pants from dinosaur patterned-flannel for my son. I used the Weekend Sewing pattern, but used the instructions for the wide-leg pajama pants in Amy Butler's In Stitches book for sewing the pieces together. I liked the order of piecing better. I added cuffs & also sewed all the seams with a wide stitch on the overlocker, and then sewed them flat on the sewing machine (see pic of crotch seam right). I'm hoping this will make the pants quite a bit more durable and comfortable.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Burdastyle Desira top

I was curious as to how the Burdastyle's free pattern Desira top would turn out, so I got right onto it. This is a sort of test muslin top from a secondhand doona to test out the sizing etc. I'm very happy with the pattern & size. I think it will fit fine once the baby is born. My only change would be to take 1.5cm off the width of the shoulder bands (so they don't stick out so far), and perhaps an add an inch longer on the armholes. I'd like to try one with long/half sleeves. Oh, and better fabric, of course.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another kimono bathrobe

I had a proper go this week at the Amy Butler kimono bathrobe from the In Stitches book. It was good to have made a muslin version first. I added width to the front and length, as I'm planning for this to be one of those bathrobes that I wear on its own for hours around the house.

I would like to make something similar in a shirt version, as I think it would make a good nursing shirt, and plan to make the free Desira pattern on the Burdastyle website sometime soon (I've since done this).

Sunday-dinner Hostess Apron

Next on the list was the Sunday-dinner Hostess Apron in Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book. My son wanted an apron, and liked all my fabric scraps (otheriwse I would have chosen more boyey fabric!), so I made a miniature one for him. He puts his cars in the pockets. He wants one for his teddy bear too. Its my sister-in-law's birthday (today actually), so I'd like to make a grown-up one for her as well. It was really fun to make because there are no rules when making an apron. I used lots of clashing fabrics and thread colours where I felt like it.

Market-run Checkbook Cover

I thought I'd have a go at some of the non-clothing items in Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book, or maybe just start from the front of the book. So next up, was the Market-run Checkbook cover. I'm not even sure what a checkbook is - would we call it a cheque book in NZ? Anyway, I made one for my cheque book, but I made it smaller than the pattern to fit my own one.

I also find that all my bus timetables just float around my handbag, so I made another square one to fit those. They were really quick to make, although I did make it a tiny bit wonky in parts. Who cares. It was nice to by some different tiny scraps of fabric to work with.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cheery cushion covers

I made some cheerier (but not too girly and flowery) cushion covers for our 60 cm sofa cushions. I really like them. However, I didn't notice when I bought the material that it had quite some stretch to it, as it just looked like cotton poplin. When I sewed the zips they puckered quite badly. They look pretty awful actually. I did try the zip method from the Bend the Rules Sewing book, which I think on normal fabric would have worked just fine. My husband has promised to halt the cushion police at the door if they ever turn up to inspect the cushions.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

McCall 5050 peasant blouse

I've been looking at this M5050 pattern, and decided to make it, even though I'm 7 months pregnant, so I could wear it once the baby was born. I made a medium (I'm normally a NZ size 12/14), and I'm a bit surprised that it not only fits me with room to move, but also covers my tummy. I had intended to make a non-maternity shirt, and thought that I would only be able to put it over the top bodice at this stage. It also gaped quite a lot at the back neck, which I took in by about 2-3 inches. I added contrasting fabric on the cuffs. It was quick and easy to sew though - only took about an hour and a half.

So notes for me next time, for making a non-maternity shirt once the baby is born...
* make a Small size
* move the waist gathering down by 1-2 cm.
* take a cm off the front side (only-not the bottom side) of the arm seam when cutting the pattern (where it meets the bodice)
* reduce the width of the back by 2-3 inches.
* sleeve length was good.
* reduce the amount of elastic recommended for the neckline by about 2-3 inches.

[written a while after] I really like peasant blouses (done in appropriately hippy material), but I'm wondering whether Kwik Sew 3062 might be a better peasant blouse.