Sunday, October 24, 2010

Short sleeved funked out peasant blouse

I used to have a long sleeved white funked out peasant blouse, but the long sleeves seemed too heavy on me, so I converted it to a short sleeved version. I do like this version much better.

I still really like peasant blouses, but I think I´ll try some different versions. I think I have enough of the Funked Out Peasant Blouses (pattern by Lila Tueller) now!

Featherston, North Island, New Zealand


Ana said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog because I am looking for pics of this blouse. I started making a muslin today :) and find that I may not need a zipper at all, just like you. The empire band is just way to wide for me, so just from trying it I can tell I will be able to put it on over my head. I still may need an elastic inside the band, though. Thank you for your ideas!!

Kiwibear said...

Thank you!