Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas decorations

Here are few Christmas decorations I made the other day.

The Christmas Elf is a standard easter bunny pattern with a hat instead of ears. Ooops, just realised that this guys needs his own elf ears, so I´ll get onto that now...

The Nutcracker man is the Blossom Bunny pattern from the Penguin Softies book, however, if I made more, I´d take 2 cm off the width to make him a tiny bit thinner. The Soldier Nutcracker man is the only one of these decorations that my son likes (well, at least he´s honest...sob). But that´s probably OK, because my husband was born very near the Erzgebirge region, so sewing Nusscracker decorations are probably pretty appropriate for our family. I also altered the Blossom Bunny pattern by leaving out the circular base altogether. The stuffing hole is left in the side, and the top and base are sewn across (right side still together) and then lain flat, and have had the corners sewn across. This makes the top and base square rather than circular. I´ll take some work in progress pictures to show how this is done when I make some more.

The Wichtelmann is from the german book Kuscheltiere Nähen from Topp books, which my sister in law sent me. I sewed him in Xmas fabric. Mmm - I kind of like him, but I think I´d just sew little Christmas trees, halving the side, all in one colour Xmas fabric next time.

On top of Mt Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand

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