Friday, January 6, 2012

Drawing Waves

I just finished reading Susan Casey´s amazing book Waves. I couldn´t put it down. So I thought I´d have a go at drawing waves, also using Claudia Nice´s various books on pen and ink. I think this turned out well. The reason the surfer is a sock is that it is part of my Matching Sock comic strip on my other blog. It is entirely done with a 0.05 technical pen.

Gratuitous photo of Kaikoura, South island, New Zealand

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laura said...

Amazing--a beautiful rendition. I'll have to look for the Waves book!
Thank you for visiting my blog. In answer to your question, I think the book that had the most influence on my me was Jeanne Dobie's Making Color Sing and also Charles reid's books, for drawing and for letting the paint mix on the paper.