Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Map of paddling the Clutha River

I´ve just read Jill Berry´s amazing book Personal Geographies, and had a go at drawing a map of the first few days of our paddling trip down the Clutha River, from Lake Wanaka to the sea. This drawing is just a bit of a practice go, and before I knew it, my six year old had started colouring it in. But at least he let me choose some of the colours he used.

The book Personal Geographies is probably the only one on the topic of hand-drawn maps that I have found that approaches it from a journalling and crafter´s perspective. Other books like Strange Maps, or You are Here, which had very good reviews, I found very disappointing. They included some interesting material, but very few pictures of anything I thought ¨I´d like to do something like that¨.

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