Sunday, November 4, 2012

Castlepoint sketch

We had a wonderful, relaxing time at a friend´s 40th birthday at Castlepoint this weekend. Happy Birthday Amy!

So many things to sketch, but having been here before, I thought I´d try some different scenes.

I did this sketch while my son ate an icecream - 8 minutes?  I know the aim is to walk around and decide on the best angle, but I had to sketch from the available picnic table so that I could sit near him, as he is so little.

At home in the motel I did a bit of extra work on the tones and detail.  

 I´m pretty pleased with how this turned out, although I think I am still using my ink pen like a pencil - lots of light strokes. That´s not a huge thing, but it isn´t really taking advantage of the pen medium.  My next aim is to use stronger pen strokes.

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