Monday, January 21, 2013

Sketches: beach day

When a perfect summer's day comes along, we all hop in the car and head off to Plimmerton Beach, usually stopping for an icecream at Pauatahanui Inlet on the way.

I've often wanted to stop and sketch at Pauatahanui, and I've already done the RD1 Trading Post store. This is definitely the site for a future sketching outing.

This time I just sketched someone sitting outside the Ground Up Cafe, while everyone else in our family ate an icecream outside the old General Store (one day I am going to sketch that too).

I did the watercolour work at home later. The paper buckled a bit. Here is a pic of the sketch before I painted it.

At the beach, I had a few false starts sketching people who walked away. But one I did manage to finish, was a toddler asleep on his father's lap. It was one of those "all is right in the world¨ scenes. I'm so glad I managed to capture this scene.

Pauatahanui Boathouses, North Island, New Zealand

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