Monday, April 15, 2013

Worldwide Sketchcrawl # 39

The Worldwide Sketchcrawl was on Saturday and Wellington Sketchers took part for the first time. The weather was grey, drizzly, and rainy unfortunately! So we couldn't sketch along the Wellington waterfront as planned, and sketched inside the library instead. We sat at the windows looking out over Civic Square.

It was great to take the time to look out over the Square, and I had never noticed before how Egyptian it looks. There is the pyramid (duh), but also sculptures at the base of the stairs, and nikau palm sculptures. It all looked a bit Dr Who-y to me (I have a vivid imagination, and haven't had much sleep lately...), so I only sketched people walking towards the pyramid. Must get more sleep.

On the way back to the car with my family, the rain stopped briefly, and we had a look around. I tried a few times to fit one more sketch in, but didn't succeed. I coloured this in at home with my son's crayons. It is another of Wellington's amazing scuptures, this time a big wooden sculpture of a fish. From the angle of the path leading down to the water, it was kind of wierd seeing everything else lead to the water except the fish, who was kind of eternally stuck swimming in the greenery. If I had done it in portrait format, there was a crane on one of the buildings which (if you knelt down a bit) looked like it was trying to hook the fish. But I couldn't fit it in.

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art alive said...

Love seeing the results of your sketch crawl - I didn't even know these existed until I read your blog and followed the world sketch crawl thread. Love the fish and the colours you used. Haven't had much time to comment before the hols but really appreciated more of your sketches of old Christchurch. thanks for sharing your work and let me know if you ever hear of a sketch group in ChCh - I think you are so fortunate to have a group to draw with!