Friday, October 25, 2013

Tv sketches #3

Some more tv sketches from the same programme as yesterday. I still pressed pause far too often, particularly for the top two sketches. 

In a pen sketch, I can't draw the measurement lines of the face so much, which kind of influences the technique. For a super quick sketch (probably in pencil), I would draw the shape of the head and get as many measurement lines down as possible (eye line, nose line, mouth line, centre vertical line) and then draw the features. Once these are down, even if the person is gone, I can pretty much remember the rest of their details. If I have longer, and I am working in pen (without drawing in guiding lines), I find it easier to draw the shape of the hair, then the eyebrows, eyes, and work down the face towards the chin.

 A stationmaster. Artline 0.4 pen. Although I like the fine line of the 0.05 pen, the ink just doesn't flow quickly enough to sketch as fast as I need to to catch things on paper, and the Artline 0.4 works better.

One of the guys being interviewed. The marks on his shirt are actually an unsuccessful sketch upside down. I had only just meant to practise drawing his eyes better in a small blank space in my sketchbook, but when it went OK went on to draw the rest of the scene... Staedler technical pen 0.05, and an Artline 0.4 pen.

An old lady at a coffee break. Artline 0.4 pen.

A guy at a bar. Artline 0.4 pen.

Looks human, but was a very bad likeness for the person I was actually trying to draw! Artline 0.4 pen.

A gratuitous photo of Castlepoint, North Island, New Zealand.

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