Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rainy day sketches

I went to the Wellington Sketchers meetup yesterday, and due to the horrible weather forecast, there was unsuprisingly only two of us. A couple of times it looked like it would clear up, but then the wind whipped up and it started raining again.

We started out in the Mojo cafe, waited by the meetup place for any other sketchers, and tried sketching near the path up to the Beehive. However, the wind and rain drove us indoors again and we ended up sitting in a nearby MacDonalds which had a good view of the station and the street.

Even though the weather was awful, it was lovely meeting Lim Su Min from the Singapore Urban Sketchers, and also to have a chance to draw just sit and draw people. I've wanted to draw people moving in Wellington's iconic wind, for some time, but have never had the opportunity.  

Above and below: the view from McDonalds.

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