Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art pencils carry case

I got Amanda Soule-Blake´s book Creative Family for my birthday too and am reading through it. I´m up to the art chapter at the beginning. My 4 year old isn´t really much into art and drawing, but the idea is showing that we value his creativity and creations. I thought I´d give it a go and make him a special carry case for his pencils. I made it slightly differently than in the book. The cover is a separate piece of material. It is all sewn together right sides together, turned right way out through a small hole, then edgestitched. The material is from wonderful Jellyspec´s stash. Thanks Jellyspec! It´s not quite as long as the one in the book. I have a few more of these to make as gifts for friends' kids, and then I´m going to make a big A3 fabric envelope to keep his artwork in.

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