Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wavelength socks

Here are some socks I´ve just finished for wonderful Jellyspec up in Kapiti, who has just started her doctorate - way to go Jellyspec! These are congratulatory and thank-you socks for her.

The pattern is an adaptation of the Wavelength pattern from the book Toe Up 2 at a Time Socks.
I knitted them one at a time though. I hate to say a bad word about a book, but personally I really did find the 2 at a time book patterns hard to follow. I totally ignored the bulk of the sock pattern and just followed the little graph of the actual pattern stitches. So this is basically a Wendy Knits pattern sock, with a differently spaced Wavelength pattern from the 2-at-a-time book on top.

The wool is lovely soft Fibre Alive wool (colour Winsome Win) from Greytown´s wonderful shop Joy of Yarn, sold to me by the very helpful James, who even held my baby for me there while I popped to the loo.
Castlepoint, North Island, New Zealand

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