Saturday, January 22, 2011

Handmade Checkers game - first draft

I want to make a floor checkers/draughts game for my son, which I´ll print on fabric with linocut stamps. Above are the first drafts of the checker pieces. They are 8cm wide calico circle beanbags. One side will be a seagull printed in black fabric paint. I haven´t drawn a seagull for the reverse side of that beanbag yet (you turn the beanbag over when you queen a piece). The opponent will have 3 minnow fish design (the reverse side is one big fish when you queen the piece). I´ll probably print those in some sort of bright red colour. The stamp images have to be cleaned up a bit and the beanbag template made half a cm larger to fit the images better. But I think this will work out OK.

The checker board will also be stamped on calico, with some sort of ocean image, possibly printed in 3 different colours each. I´ve done about 20 different possible templates - who knew drawing the ocean would be so hard? It needs to be so clearly a water image that even a five year old would recognise it - nothing too esoteric. I´ve settled on the bottom left hand design, with the lighthouse on the left hand side. [I´ve since finished this game here].

Lena Corwin´s book Printing by Hand explains how to do stamping, screenprinting, linocuts, printing etc. It was really good because, although I decided to do linocuts in the end, I was able to think through all the other printing possibilities too. My next project after this one will be a Chinese Checkers board for the floor which I´ll probably screenprint.

East Cape, North Island, New Zealand

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