Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pram carrybag

Here is a bag for carrying a lightweight pram around. Why would someone need this? Well, I often find that, when catching a bus or ferry, I have my hands full carrying kids and gear. I don´t have a spare hand free for the pram. Or if I do, I need that hand to hold onto a railing or something. I´ve had Wellington bus drivers start the bus again, while I´m still finding a seat, while carrying a 6 month old baby, all my bags, and holding a 4 year old´s hand, plus dragging a pram behind me. So, having a hand free is pretty useful.

It is basically constructed in the same way as the large version of the drawstring bag from Heather Ross´ Weekend Sewing book The length is 90% the length of the pram (some of this is lost when the base of the bag is cornered, and the width is the circumference of the pram (when folded) plus about 10cm. The material is all recycled - some old placemats of all things, and the black is my husbands old work pants. There was a quite a trick to doing the shoulder strap though. Although I can still use it just fine as is, I didn´t quite get it right on this bag, and I know how I would do it differently next time...

Baby seals near Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand

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