Friday, August 26, 2011


I´ve read about monoprints in my Print Workshop book by Christine Schmidt and in the Drawing Lab book by Carla Sonheim. So I gave it a quick go with some texture designs based on tiny snippets of some Art-deco pictures I like. Above is a monoprint of stones & water obviously (or perhaps not obviously...).

Above is a monoprint of a wave design. I think if I did it again I´d leave out the tiny wave at the top.

Above: a monoprint of some kind of swirls...

I also did one of a New Zealand fern, but my red ink stained hands got red ink on them, so I didn´t take a close up. The monoprinting was quite fun, turning a fairly ordinary design into something a bit more arty. It is hard to see in the photographs because you can´t quite catch the texture added by the block printing ink, but the monoprinting adds something to the design that wouldn´t be there if I had just drawn it with india ink. Monoprinting does take quite some time to do, and you have to try not lean on it while drawing. I think I will also add watercolours, however, I wanted a pic of them uncoloured, just in case I mess it up...

Dunedin Harbour, South Island, New Zealand

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