Thursday, December 22, 2011

Altering a women´s sunhat pattern

When you draw up a pattern for a women´s sun hat, or use an existing pattern, there is often lots of altering required to make it fit yourself. Here are some thoughts on that. Probably a good idea to red the previous post on making a women´s sunhat pattern too.

Obviously these are just hand written notes. If anyone in internet-land can´t read my writing, drop me a line in a comment. Why would anyone put these on the net you could ask? :o) Well, with two young kids this is the only place I can put these notes and find them again. The real notes have probably been made into paper airplanes, scribbled on, spilt on etc by now ;o)

Altering the top of a hat

Altering the crown and brim. This is the method to use if you want to change the style of a hat. It is hard (although not impossible) to alter a pattern in this way and keep the same ratio between the top / crown / and brim. When you alter that ratio between those pieces, you change the style of the hat.

A simple method for doing small size alterations for the crown and brim, while keeping the same style of hat (ie - keeping the correct rations between brim / crown).

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