Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Woman in the Moon print

This is a linocut I´ve been working on for several months! Finally finished. It is an illustration of the first myth/tale in James Riordan´s great (but sadly out of print) book The Woman in the Moon. I am really happy with this, as it has turned out the way I envisaged in my head.

One of the activities in Carla Sonheim´s book Drawing Lab is to illustrate a book or tale you like. I started to do this, and decided to make it a linocut instead. However, I have also been researching using different materials, block printing inks, and did this on blue vinyl instead of lino.

The blue vinyl is like butter to cut. I did find that it printed a lot better than lino, whether using oil based or water based block printing ink, and regardless of the quality of the paper. SO I might move over to the blue vinyl now perhaps. Also, I have had alot of trouble with crumbly lino (even after heating) which is apparently what happens when the lino is past its use-by-date.

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