Friday, December 7, 2012

Community Hall

Done in 30 minutes (had to be home in time for my husband to go out). F (Fine) size Staedler felt tip pen. A4 paper. Legs went to sleep - both of them - must get a more comfy chair!

I left the shading on this pretty low key, since I planned to watercolour it. Also, this was all I could do in the 30 minutes that I had. But I realised that I drew this on the back of another picture that I also want to keep, and if I  watercolour this, then I will probably lose the picture on the back. The alleged watercolour paper of this sketchbook is just too cheap. I might have to invest in a new sketchbook, but I still can't bring myself to sketch on expensive paper, in case I botch things. Although, most of my sketches turn out OK these days. Mmm.

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