Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quick portrait sketches

At the moment, I am working on speeding up my sketches (mostly 40-60 seconds) and trying for better likenesses. When you are sketching someone who does not know they are being sketched, you have to sketch pretty quickly, as they change position so fast. I mostly seem to be catching people who are talking to someone intensely, reading, or working on their laptops. It has made me realise that, although I can draw portraits from the front OK, I need to practice drawing people who are looking down, or looking down and to the side.

Above - the woman at the top was a really good likeness, so I am happy with that, However, she was gazing off to the left, and I accidentally drew her looking straight ahead.

This guy was looking down, and I didn't quite get the angle of the face quite right. The darkness of the eyes are eyelashes - I couldn´t see his eyes. However, it will take a bit of practice to draw that angle better.There are some great examples of how to draw people looking down on the Urban Sketchers website, since those sketchers are doing the same thing (drawing people) alot. I think if I had made the eye line more curvy it would have been clearer that the person was looking down. Will try this next time.

Gratuitous photo of a Dunedin beach, South Island, New Zealand

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