Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sketching around Wellington Station

I went to the Wellington Sketchers meetup which was at Wellington Station this time. It was a beautiful morning, so we went outside and sketched.

Wellington Station, with the morning sun breaking through the clouds. At this time of a Saturday morning, it is mainly tourists about. I've been trying to impart more emotion into my sketches, and as I drew this sketch, I was thinking ¨Whhhhoooaaaa¨. Although it was a lovely peaceful day, and this was a peaceful scene, I was more feeling a sense of disorientiation, finding myself in central Wellington in a place I haven't sat for many years, at a different time, without my family in tow. A normally busy place, that was not busy as I remember it. I think this sense of disorientation came through in the sketch.  I feel like I am looking down a lens, taking in quite a large scene from a distance, without any steadying sense of peripheral vision. At least, it makes me feel that, looking at it.

A fellow sketcher very kindly let me sketch her sketching. Having gotten my sense of disorientation out of my system with my previous sketch, I just tried to sketch the world normally here.

Wellington is full of little quirky surprises.  I have walked to Wellington Station many times, but never noticed the little train on top of the sign outside it.

I sketched a woman who sat down next to us to read a book.  She had interesting gauntlet gloves on.

I forgot to take a photo of the station while there, so my husband took one on the way home from work a few days later. It is a building that has always fascinated me, and I think I will definitely come back to sketch it again one day.

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