Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wellington Harbour sketches

I managed to get down to Wellington Harbour today to do some sketching while the summer weather holds. I sketched the Boathouse on the Harbour. A fellow stopped and pointed out some eagle rays which were swimming around in front of us. Last week a pod of orcas chase lots of rays, their favourite food, in to this little lagoon. They almost came inside as well, but thought better of it at the last minute.

One thing I am working on this year is trying to adjust my style of drawing, or the medium, to convey something of the emotion of the scene / people. Today was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was just relaxing and enjoying Wellington's gorgeous harbourside. So I wanted my sketch to be kind of whimsical and happy. I purposely chose a spot where the building became two dimensional and used a distorted perspective, as if the building is sort of stretching happily out of the ground.

I also went and sketched the Brewbar. I used to do the after-work 5 km runs which started and ended outside here. Although I never made it in there for a beer afterwards. I probably could have drawn a little more here (the building beside it etc), but my parking ticket was running out and I had to run back to my car. I didn't try for any particular style with this. I've been working on ways to convey, in a very small sketch, that a building is made of brick, without drawing every brick.

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