Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sketch: Cottage next to Community Garden

Testing out my new watercolour pencils. I need to get an olive-green, which is a better match for NZ flax than the bright green I have. Here is the sketch below before colouring.  I did the sketch in 15 mins on-site, but did the colour later at home.

I learnt a few things: Firstly, colour & paint the thing that is in the foreground first, or do the light things first. For example, I think it would be best to have coloured the plants in the front first, and then it would have been easier to colour the fence second. (I did it the other way around). Second: cheap paper really shows up with watercolour pencils (well, it shows up with anything really). When you go to do a second layer, or overcolouring, the cheap paper tends to start splitting.

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