Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sketches: People working

Some sketches of people working. I'm practising sketching people from different angles, an in particular getting the hands right. With a pen and ink sketch there is only room for one clear line with hands. Otherwise they obtain too strong a value and stick out too much. The colour was done with my Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils, which I am quite happy with, and a waterbrush pen. The pen work is with a 0.05 technical Staedler black pen. I couldn't fit the woman's feet in, as I was just filling up blank spaces in my sketchbook, and this one ran into another sketch on the page...

Above: Before adding colour. I'm really pleased with this sketch. Although it is quite small (8cm or so), the fellow's concentration and pursed lips are there.

A grautitous photo of a dolphin, Foster, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

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