Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sketching at Paraparaumu

The Wellington Sketchers meetup was at Paraparaumu Beach Market this weekend. It is a well established market, and it really shows. It has become a community meeting place and while sitting there sketching I saw lots of people greeting each other, catching up, and stopping for a chat. Sitting still in one place sketching really made it possible to notice and appreciate these things.

I sat next to the Chocolate and Fudge stand and talked to Zita and her daughter. Zita runs a veggie stand and her daughter runs the chocolate stand next to it. I didn't write her name down, which I am embarrassed about. I think it might have been Lorraine. The market runs rain, hail, or shine. They don't mind the rain or shine, but the hail they don't like so much. They talked to me about the how the veggies come down from the farms at Te Horo. Lorraine very kindly stood extra still so I could sketch her more easily!

Zita unpacking her truck and setting up. I finally found a use for the ridiculously bright Emerald Green watercolour pencil that came in the Albrecht Durer watercolour pencil 12 pack.

A busker. I would have loved to have sketched from the front, but I thought that might be too much for a busker to take (singing in public and being sketched at the same time!).

We also went over to the main veggie section, where I talked to one of the stall holders, Jane. This is her vintage trolley (I am sure that is not the right name). We had a chat about how vintage things often work best. Jane said that her washing machine is 25 years old and works better than the modern ones. I had to agree with that as the electronics in our's keeps failing.

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