Sunday, September 29, 2013

A face a day again

Some more sketches of faces as part of the ¨Draw a Face a Day¨ exercise to practice, well, drawing faces... These are just from photos, not from real life.

In retrospect, I can see with the above sketch, that the way to make the subject look like they are nestled into the sofa is with the angle if the head / torso. She is sitting too upright. Anyway, it's just a sketch...

I recently ordered a great book called Zeichnen in der Landscaft by Albrecht Rissler (it is in german, but I speak german). One of the really important things he demonstrates is just how dark sections of a sketch need to be to make the light bits (like water) stand out. I would normally have stopped the background shading much earlier in the sketch above, but I am glad I kept at it for a long time (and it was a long time, since I was using a 0.05 technical pen for this sketch). I think it makes the sea stand out and helps define the main figure at the front.

Miraculously, this morning my youngest son stayed still long enough for me to sketch him from real life (not from a photo). He did move, but returned to the original position frequently enough for me to sketch him. 0.05 technical Staedler black pen. 1-2 mins.

A gratuitous photo of the driveway to a friend's farm.

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