Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sketching at Queens Wharf

I went to the Wellington Sketchers meetup at Queens Wharf yesterday. We met outside Fergs Kayaks and I sketched the building. We used to kayak a lot on Wellington Harbour from Fergs when we lived in the city but have slowed down now we have kids. I coloured it later with watercolour pencils at home.

Below: the original, without the colour.

The wind started getting too strong so we went and sketched indoors in the Wellington Museum of the City and Sea. I can still remember this museum being designed. One of the museum's trustees often went hiking with us and told us a lot about how it was being started up. It is in a beautiful old restored building.

There is a room on the ground floor which is for temporary exhibits and the current one is about collecting the stories of Wellington. They have a wall where people can write (or draw!) a story about Wellington, and then they will upload them all online. People really related to it, and stopped and read the stories with their kids. Sitting sketching in the museum, you can hear the floorboards creaking above and it almost sounds like you are in an old ship.

I did this with my cheap black biro, which I think was quite helpful in loosening up to just simply sketch and not try to sketch anything ¨good¨. 

Here is a photo of the door with the stories from another angle.

Below: Queens Wharf is also a kind of open air museum and they have left a few of the old cranes up for people to look at. I wish I had taken more photos of the other ones!

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