Thursday, June 10, 2010

Burda WOF Magazine Wrap Blouse 122B-3-2010

As I was sewing this, I could hear that caretaker from Hogwarts saying in my head ¨Oh dear, oh dear, we are in trouble, aren´t we?¨

Most of the things I loved about this pattern in the mag, didn´t work out in reality on my version. The front wraps met the sides on the hip rather than the waist, meaning that they gaped alot at the neckline/bust. I had to undo it all, and move the front wraps up an inch entirely all the way to where it met the yoke, recutting the neckline and armholes. The way the ties joined the whole side seam right to the hem made the neck gape too, and looked strangely assymetrical at the back, because one tie does through a hole in the side-seam and the other doesn´t) so I changed them to conventional ties, just joining for a couple of inches at the side-waistline. The idea of having extra length on the sleeves which is just ¨casually pushed up¨, looked great in the mag, but on my version just looked like I´d accidentally made the sleeves 6 inches too long. Even normally cut long sleeves made it look heavy, so I´d do 3/4 length sleeves if I made it again. All in all, this just turned out wierd. I cut a 44, so maybe the pattern would work out quite fine on a 34. I haven´t even finished this (its not hemmed and the collar is just pinned on), and it needed an ironing for the picture, but I can´t be bothered wasting any more time on it. I knew this shirt was just a test muslin, but secretly I´d hoped it would turn out super and I´d be able to wear it anyway. I think this shirt will be truned into a dinosaur for my son very, very soon.

For fabric, this was made from an extremely drapey, end-of-line designer fabric which I got on sale of $2 a m. It probably needed an even drapier, really gossamer thin fabric to work properly. The pattern has alot of darts, which show up too clearly on plain fabric. If I made it again, I´d like to try using a patterned (or white) cotton-weight shirt fabric, foregoing any drape, drawing the pattern from a shirt in my cupboard, adjusting the front for the wrap, and see how that turns out.

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