Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shirt I designed

I think this worked out OK. Here I am walking like an egyptian in a shirt I drew up the pattern for, after reading Cal Patch´s Design It Yourself book. Its a shirt made from some end-of-line designer knit fabric that I got on sale for $1-2/m.
Its basically a shirt pattern, with no ease (because of the fabric). I´ve seen collars like these on the internet, where the placket doesn´t go vertically straight up to the collar, but veers off at each side like a v, and thought I´d try it.
I´ve entered it in make it wear it sew along, which is lots of fun.
make it wear it
Here are the instructions for making the shirt, if anyone would like to adapt something similar


Andrea said...

Great work! I looks lovely. I hope you'll stop by and link up to my weekly Thursday blog party called Make It Wear It over at

Anonymous said...

beautiful shirt, linen is so nice to wear. i like the pink color you chose.

Kiwibear said...

Thank you Andrea and Kerri-ann! Love the traintocrazy website Andrea, I´ll definitely throw my hat in there. Cheers