Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The On-Hold Sock by Wendy Knits

I don´t normally post things half way through, but I´m pretty happy with my first sock after many years of not knitting. It is the On-Hold Sock from the Wendy Knits book ¨Socks from the Toe Up¨. This is a wonderful book. Its next on my queue to buy, although I´ve just bought the Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style books (they are coming on their way over from England now!!!), so it´ll be a wait until Christmas for this book, I think. This was a real achievement knitting this - I knitted it about one and a half times, because I misjudged the length of the foot and had to unravel the entire heel and do it again. But it was worth it, of course. My sore wrists are a bit borderline sometimes, but seem to be holding up OK. Also, so many interruptions from small kids, cats, chickens, etc. I´m amazed I was able to keep any pattern at all in my head. I´m very happy with it. Now starting on sock 2.


Zoe said...

great work!

Kiwibear said...

Thank you!

Kiwibear said...
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