Friday, July 16, 2010

Stripey socks

Here are some stripey socks done in Australian Heirloom sock wool (I´ve lost the tag unfortunately, so until I find it I can´t say what colourway it was...) which my lovely mum sent me from Australia as an early birthday present. I finished them this morning. The baby I made last year - very happy with him. The socks are just stockinette stitch (the slip stitch heel sock from the Socks from the Toe Up book) and are the ¨easy¨ socks which I knit when I´m tired or just sitting outside with the chickens etc (when it hasn´t been raining). I´m still working on the blue On Hold Socks from the Socks from the Toe Up book as my ¨tricky¨ sock. which I knit when I have peace and quiet. Next easy sock will be the Spring Forward sock from green Joy of Yarn wool (Winsome Win) for wonderful Jellyspec!