Thursday, July 1, 2010

Turkish socks

Here are some socks from the book Turkish Socks by Anna Zilboorg, which I knitted a few years ago before I started blogging. So I thought I´d put them up here since I´ve been getting back into knitting again. I had to buy the book from America, and I sold it a few years ago when I thought I couldn´t knit anymore (shame, but at least someone else in NZ can enjoy the book too now). So I don´t know which patterns from the book they are. The book is very interesting too and is a very different way of knitting a sock. I knitted it from 8 ply wool, so they are very thick and warm, but are pilling a bit now. I finished my first sock from proper sock wool a few days ago.

On the road to Sunrise Hut, North Island, New Zealand

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