Monday, July 12, 2010

Vest I designed

This is a vest I drew up the pattern for after reading Cal Patch´s wonderful book Design It Yourself: Pattern Making Simplified. Its from the basic T pattern in the book (p58), just without sleeves. The neckline isn´t too different from that in the book, but of course, I´ve put a cowl-like collar on it. Its from the same material as the stretchy shirt I made, although I´m hoping a bit funkier... The fabric is difficult to see in the pics, and my camera has totally failed to pic up the colour correctly (its actually a much nicer shade in reality than what the pics have shown here).

I experimented with freestyle gathers, inspired by this shirt, whose maker was in turn inspired by this website. Basically, I just cut the pattern out as per the basic-T in the book, allowing an extra couple of cms. Then I did all the freestyle gathers, which are only 1/8 inch wide, done on the right side. The tucks weren´t hard to do - I didn´t pull or stretch the fabric unnaturally, but just changed the angle of the sewing every so often to create curves. I´d do them a bit wider next time (1/4 inch?) as they are a bit difficult to notice. Then I lay the pattern over the finished fabric again, and trimmed it to be exactly like the pattern I drew up, and sewed it together as per usual. The cowl is one layer of fabric only, sewn wrong side (of cowl) to right side of top, so that the cowl then sits up and lays on top (probably makes no sense... :o)) Also, next time, I would extend the shoulder line by about a cm, so it kind of sticks out a bit. Can´t quite put it into words, but I think it would look a tiny bit more like some of the shoulder lines on the clothes that Makeshift makes, which I really love.

Worser Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

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