Thursday, February 3, 2011

Handmade checkers game board - first draft

I´m taking a break from the pieces to work on the board now. I´ve decided to do it in three colours, and have carved a lighthouse and whale stamp. (both need cleaning up on the sides). Here are some quick first prints to see how the stamps turned out (done in a rush while my husband put the baby to bed). I really like how the lighthouse turned out, although I´ll ditch the seagulls, and tidy the sides up.

These are the two under-stamps. The basic sea, and the wave overlay. I need to pull the stamps off a bit cleaner next time - the paint bled a bit.

This is how this series of stamps looks together, with some of the pieces on top. The squares are all different in this pic because I´m testing different shades of blue and black. Although I like the whale, I think it makes the checkerboard look too busy. My next step is to recut the ocean backdrop, 1cm smaller, and with no white gap for a whale.

This is how it looks with a whale, and no sea under-stamp. I like this pic the best, but it doesn´t create a very defined draughts board.

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