Monday, March 7, 2011

Linocut stamp of Burnside Church

Here is another linocut stamp I´ve carved, which I´ve printed on a small card. Its about 15cm wide. Its a picture of Burnside Church in Martinborough, which is where we got married 10 years ago. New Zealand has lots of old, beautiful, tiny, tiny wooden churches dotted about the countryside, just like this one. It probably only seats about 25 people, and it stands on its own in a field on the Lake Ferry road.

These are the practice goes, and not all turned out. Although they are OK enough for my use of course. I´d like to maybe sell (better printed) packs of them though, although I´m not sure if ones of these would sell at all.

This is the style of stamp I´m working towards. I bought this print in Prague about 20 years ago and I´ve always liked it. Not everyone´s cup of tea, of course, but it really appeals to me at the moment. I love how solid it looks.

Not the Burnside Church, but a wee, country Church near Porangahau, New Zealand


Anonymous said...

I love both images! The one you purchased is amazing, but I also love the one you made. I have seen a few tiny old churches like that in the States and I always loved them!

Kiwibear said...

Thank you!! I really appreciate your comment!

Lois said...

Your block prints are very nice. Love the photos of New Zealand.