Monday, March 14, 2011

Monkey socks

I´ve just finished the Monkey socks (pattern by Cookie A) which I started last year, becoming the ten billionth person probably to knit this wonderful free pattern. The lovely soft, and beautifully bright wool is from Needlefood, who have sadly closed down now. :o(

I did the sock toe up, just knitting same pattern (so the pattern is upside down really I suppose). I just did my usual thing of knitting a WendyKnits sock (from her book Socks from the Toe-Up), with the front pattern design being in this case the Monkey sock pattern. I guess having little kids, I haven´t got the extra brain power left over to follow a sock pattern from scratch, so I like just doing the familiar WendyKnits one and then its easy to add any pattern along the top.

I didn´t do any purl stitches in the middle of the first pattern repeat as I this made it feel smoother on the toes. It was a great pattern, which is easily memorised and after the first repeat you don´t even need to read the pattern anymore.

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