Friday, March 4, 2011

Stamped cards

I´d often wondered what some of these linocut stamps I´ve made for fabric stamping would look like stamped on cards. I only have fabric paint in the house, so I´m not sure if the effect would be better with block printing paint. I hope so. I think I rather like them. At least it is the sort of thing I´d buy... I think I´ll go and buy some black block painting ink now.

Printing on paper is quite different to printing on fabric. For fabric I have to load the stamp with as much ink as possible to get a solid print, without going just that infintessimal step too far to overprint. On fabric, I´ve found that the stamp has to be applied evenly and pressed for ages - maybe even a minute. But for paper, the stamp seems to need only the tiniest scrap of ink on it and the difficulty is applying such a small amount of ink evenly. The stamp stays on for only about 5 seconds. Lots of practice required now! But I think the practice goes have turned out OK, and with more practice the end result will be good.

Near Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

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