Thursday, November 24, 2011

A face a day (9) in pencil

Another face, drawn as part of one of the exercises in Carla Sonheim´s Drawing Lab book. I´ve also been reading Giovanni Cirvadi´s Complete Guide to Drawing, which is a great book. Although I didn´t quite draw this fully in the technical way, I did first do the facial structure sketch & I tried to crosshatch and pay more attention to shadows and reflected light etc. On reflection, given that the subject was in a dark room, with lots of shadows, I should have made the background darker too.

I think it turned out OK and does look like the character Ladon Radim from the tv show Stargate Atlantis, or at least I think so. Although my husband didn´t recognise him at all. Other people think I´ve tried to draw a picture of my husband, who kind of looks vaguely similar perhaps...

I did the drawing from a still picture of the tv show, in which the person in the drawing is in the process of protesting his innocence, but you are not supposed to quite know whether to believe him or not. So there is supposed to be some element of concern, but also of insincerity there, I think. Maybe even some exasperation.

Below is my first go. I thought he just looked worried.

Below is the same pic, with my first go at using a blending stick. I probably over-blended, and I unthinkingly blended over some of the sections of reflected light. I took them out again with an eraser in very top pic. I think the blending also made him look too young, so I added some detail in again in the very top pic too.

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