Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lotta Jansdotter Sun Hat

This is the Sun Hat from Lotta Jansdotter´s book Simple Sewing. I thought I´d see whetehr I like this pattern better than the one I made a few days ago. I like the crown of the hat, but the brim, not so much. I shortened the brim, as the word in blogland was that it was huge. Even the massive amounts I cut off it weren´t enough. Althought I like the ones other people have made, and I think they look great on them, for some reason this hat has a Pride and Prejudice bonnet look to it. I´m sure a supermodel could pull that look off, and people would be looking for their own lampshades, but on me, I´m thinking urgh. It looks a bit better with the brim turned up, but really, not alot can save this hat, as from the back it just looks like a bonnet with the front turned up. I won´t make it again!

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