Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sun hat from my own pattern

With summer coming, and no nice sunhats in the shops, I decided to make my own pattern. I really like the hats that turn up at the brim, but they don´t seem to sell them anymore. Also, I really hate tight hats - they give me a headache, so making a hat with my own pattern to fit my head seems the only option.

It isn´t really a project from the book Design if Yourself: Patternmaking Simplified, but I did use some of the techniques in it to make the pattern.

Above: the inside lining.

Instructions for making the pattern below (fits my head - 56.5 cm circumference, measured above eyebrows...


Oregon Knitter said...

Very nice hat! I would love the pattern for when we see the sun again in 6 months!

Vicki Lynn said...

I love your hats! My head is too large for girl hats, so I'm looking to make my own, but the info I'm finding doesn't make sense too me. Your pics are too fuzzy to read. ��.

Can you please clarify sizes? Is the crown (top) the same as your head measurement, or should I increase it by an inch to allow for seam allowance? Similar question for the brim...should I reduce the inner circumference to allow for seam allowances?

I love your up-curve. How much smaller is your brim-band than the finished brim seam length?

On the side much curve? Approx 1/2 inch total? One inch? And all the corners on the sides and brim are to be 90 degrees?

I've read all I was able to. Such helpful information. Thanks again!