Thursday, April 9, 2009

Emmeline Apron

Here are my goes at the Emmeline Apron. I’m a messy eater, cook, drinker, messy everything really. I usually have t-shirts liberally spotted with tomato sauce, tea, etc, so this apron was a godsend. I wear it almost all day, every day, and have pretty much resigned myself to even wearing it at restaurants – that’s just how uncoordinated I am!

Because I wear it all the time, and I don’t like having a weight on the back of my neck, I’ve made the straps cross-over at the back. I like the original version which ties at the back of the neck better, but I just couldn’t wear that version for any length of time. The ties are wider than they look in the pic - I just didn´t get a chance to iron it before taking the pics. I added a cm to the vertical length of the bust, as otherwise the bust panel just seemed to make too thin a horizontal line on my build. I also took a cm off the centre top front band (meaning that it simply gathers a tiny bit more on the top side of the panel), because otherwise the top of the apron gaped open a bit. I didn´t cut the ties on the bias, which saved fabric. Also, I pull the ties quite tight when I have the apron on and when I tried having ties which were cut on the bias (as per the pattern), I cut them off and replaced them because they pulled too thin & out of shape when tied tightly.

Here is the second one I made below. I tried for retro colours with this one. But I think I over-retroed! My husband said he couldn't eat his dinner while I was wearing the first side... :o) My friend Maree modelled these for me (because I was 6 months pregnant at the time). I can only explain my choice of fabric on my pregnancy... I´ve since cut this apron up into something else as I no longer liked the fabric. What was I thinking?

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