Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tinyhappy fingerless gloves

I used to knit (possibly compulsively), but since I have some sort of tendonitis in my wrists, knitting has been really hard. I even sold all my old knitting pattern books because of my sore wrists! So these wee gloves, which I made for Jellyspec were a terrific project to have a quick taste of knitting again. Also, the pattern is so simple, that it was fine being interrupted all the time by my cat/3 year old/phone/etc. I don't think my brain could handle a complicated pattern at the moment. I really enjoyed knitting them, and loved the bright variegated colours of the New Zealand made alpaca blend wool. I think I have enough wool for another couple of pairs. The pattern is from Tiny Happy's most excellent blog at


Laura said...

These came in SO HANDY these last few cold days, I was thrilled to be wearing them!

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry to hear that you don't knit anymore, I think I have caught that knitting compulsively bug! These are beautiful, would like to knit a pair once my confidence is up on my knitting.