Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sofa cover and cushions

I finally got around to making a sofa cover. Yay! Its a sort of futon sofa, so we'd had a double bed fitted sheet covering it (with a waterproof undercover for any toddler accidents!) and pillows as cushions. So the living room looked a bit like a bedroom. Mmmm. I got a $5 tablecloth on special at Spotlight, just big enough to make the cover. Although I think I'll make the cushion cover a bit brighter and cheerier. Next project.


Laura said...

Hey, nice pillow! Look at that tidy couch!

Laura said...

I have no idea why I come out as Laura. I should be Aidan Laura, but apparently Google is editing my name!

Kiwibear said...

I know! It hasn't looked that neat since. Its nice to have one photo of the couch without toys etc all over it. ;o)