Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Jalie 2787 nursing top

Here is another Jalie 2787 nursing top. Its hard to lay it out right when I can't bend over (like, the sleeves are actually even - I just didn't lay it out evenly). One more week till baby is born. This top is made from quite thin, very stretchy light lycra again, which is a bit slippery to sew. It came together OK though, but I prefer sewing it with slightly thicker t-shirt material. Also, I took the sides in slightly (0.5 cm either side) because the very stretchy lycra seems to have the effect of making the shirt one half size too big, imho. Really useful pattern. Now if I can find some polypro at Spotlight, I'll make some short or long sleeved versions for hiking in.

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Anonymous said...

This looks very comfortable :)