Monday, June 15, 2009

Jalie 2787 nursing top

I made another Jalie 2787 maternity/nursing top, this time with long sleeves. I added 2 cm to the top of the lower bodice, which makes me less nervous about my tummy showing (as otherwise the clearance between the nursing panels and the lower bodice was a bit too close for my liking). I used the elastic length recommended in the pattern and that was better this time. T-shirt material is nicer to sew with than this light lycra, although both worked OK for the pattern. I'm a size 12 and I made a Y size, which fitted fine., even having quite a bit of give. I probably could have done a smaller X size instead - I'm not sure whether the give in the Y size will be too much once the baby is born. I can always take it in though.


Laura said...

Looks cute enough to wear right now!

Kiwibear said...

Thank you!! Dis tummy gettin' pretty big tho'