Sunday, June 7, 2009

Butterick 4549 View A muslin

Not a success, this one. I did a test muslin version of View A of Butterick 4549 (B4549), with a $1 fabric. For this muslin, I've stoped before sewing the sides up (as the invisible zips cost more than the fabric). I can already see that I won't go any further with this View.

This pattern seems to run true to size. Unfortunately, I made it one size too small as every other pattern I've made lately seemed to turn out so enormously bigger than the size would warrant. So next time I'll make it a size bigger.

The neck line is really, really high. On a very small size, this probably wouldn't matter, but on a size 12 it ends up making the bodice seem too covered in material. A bit like a nun's habit? I would cut an inch off the neckline, not just at the front, but all the way around. I also used quite stiff interfacing on the collar, which made it sit stiff like a uniform, so next time I would either use no interfacing or a really, light one. I also found that on this view, the sleeves (which are just basted or pinned on at the moment) somehow made it look stiff and formal, rather than like a casual top, although they might have seemed better if the neckline wasn't so high.

Finally, I added 1-2 inches onto the lower bodice, which I do for pretty much all patterns I make. I would definitely do that again, as it would have looked very, very short without it.

I'll try View C, or D next. Hopefully they will turn out better.

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