Monday, February 21, 2011

Fabric Easter eggs

I found a great free pattern for fabric Easter eggs on Retromama´s website. It is actually a perfect egg pattern - I can say this because I handsewed a few doing (unintentionally) a slightly different seam allowance and these didn´t turn out as well as when I followed the pattern exactly. Although chicken eggs come in all shapes and sizes anyway (which I didn´t truly appreciate until we got our own flock of chickens, each chicken of a different breed). Thanks for putting the free pattern up Retromama.Some Crafty Craftiness!

In some areas of Germany they hang painted eggs up on branches (Osterstrauss) by little ribbons at Easter. I´m not game to mix eggshells and a toddler just yet. So I´ll make a few more of these fabric eggs for Easter egg searches, and then do a few more with a ribbon loop at the top to hang up on our birch tree. In our family, the egg symbolism of Easter isn´t so much a spring thing, as thanking our chickens for all their hard egg-laying work over summer, as they start to go off the lay for winter.

Wonderful Jellyspec sewed the bag for me. Thank you Jellyspec!

Near Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand


Kim said...

Your fabric eggs are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them! Your bio made me giggle...our dogs ignore us fluently in multiple languages as well, and sometimes the kids, too :)

Kiwibear said...

Thank you! Its such a wonderful pattern.