Thursday, February 10, 2011

Handmade checkers game - black pieces

I´m sewing a checkers game for my 5 year old, and the pieces and board will be printed with linocut stamps I´m carving. The pieces will be very flat, circular beanbags. [Click here for the finished game]

This was a first draft for the reverse image for the black pieces. (I´ve since recut it). It is a cutter sailing boat. The piece has to be as black as possible to stand out on the check board (ie, carving as little as possible away).

This is the original drawing.

This is how I originally carved it. I think its not bad considering I carve in short bursts between cooking dinner/ working/babies. But I think I got a bit confused about whether it is a white design on black or a black design on white. I tried to correct it as much as I could in the big pic above. I almost like the photo of this better than the final version above, but in real life and in real size the final pic above looked better.

I use a cheap foam brayer which soaks up a lot of paint, which just gets washed out afterwards. So I thought a rubber brayer might be better. Nope. The rubber brayer (used in this pic) doesn´t seem to be able to transfer enough paint for fabric printing, although I think it might be good for paper printing. So, back to the foam brayer.

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