Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Printing a draughts / checkers board

I´ve been puzzling how to stamp a checker/draughts board without getting the squares out of alignment - its a lot of ask to place 16 stamps corner to corner without going awry. [I´ve since finished this game here]. I figured that the way to do it is to have a blank stopper piece (could be made of anything, but in this case I´ve use an old piece of lino) placed in the blanks between the stamped squares. Wherever a blank is placed, all the stamps on each side of the blank get stamped. Before the final stamp is removed, the blank piece is moved to another blank spot next to the stamp.

So in this pic, the blank stopper piece is an old piece of lino. I´ve stamped the squares on either side of the blank, and then finally have stamped the square above it. Before I take the stamp above it away, I´ll take the blank and put it to the right or left of the stamp and again, stamp all the pieces around the blank.

I´ve had a practice go for a few lines on a spare piece of calico below. I´m happy with the stamp and the placement method. I´m still working on a color scheme for the beanbag pieces.

I might even just go with different colour fish pieces and leave our the boat stamps altogether. That would be a shame considering how much work I´ve put into it, but I guess I´ll use those stamps on another project.

Near Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

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